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Mero nam Oliver ho, although my name in Nepali is Prem. Prem, the Nepali word for love, was given to me by my ama (mother) from the rural homestay. We have been taking language classes everyday which have been super helpful for communicating in the homestays. The food in my homestay has been really good. My favorite meal is egg fried rice, a traditional dish that my homestay mom has perfected. Today it is pouring out (it is monsoon season), but I find the sound and fresh smell of rain relaxing. Almost every part of this village is relaxing. The funeral I attended was a bit anxiety producing as funerals here are very, very different, however it was quite interesting to see such an important part of the Nepalese culture. It has been such an incredible experience to live with a Napalese family and learn about the rich culture.

Oliver Leeds
July 10, 2018

P.S: To family. I miss you! Hope all is well. Please wish Papa happy (early) birthday for me. Love you! -Oliver

P.P.S– What’s up Santi jaja