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Music Time in Sucre!!!

The celebration of the Cruz festival, and our first music workshop with the students!  Today we shared a nice talk about the festival of the Cross that was celebrated long before the Spanish colony arrived in Sucre-Bolivia.

René Figueroa Cano told us that one of the ways to preserve our roots is through a symbiosis between the Catholic religion and Andean indigenous cultural practices such as the autochthonous music “Jula Julas” that is played with native wind instruments.

Today René, director of the Fundación Qepiri taught us to play the Jula Julas wind instruments to share and feel the rhythm of the music. For about two hours we played music, danced and learned to make the Jula Julas instruments ourselves.

It was a beautiful interaction between our Dragons students and Qepiri Students. We won´t forget this very powerful moment which is actually one of our first experience so far making new relationships through music and learning from the hard work and high spiritual energy of the Qepiri students.

“If the world has a universal language, it is music, the universal language of the soul!!!” – By Rene Figueroa

Sandy, Sarah y Lucho

Los instructores