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As i waked in to the tienda next to program house i found my self asking for 4 Can Cans, a group favorite snack, then continuing a converstaion with the boy who gave me the snack, who looked close to 15, for about 2 minutes. But until i walked out of the store i didn’t realize it was all in spanish. While it wasnt a long conversation, it wasnt one that i could of had 2 weeks ago. I know 2 weeks doesn’t sound like much at all, and it certainly hasn’t felt like a long time, its obviously enough time to improve greatly. I found my self walking out of that store with 4 Can Cans, and a new opinion of my self.

Walking into this trip i was a basic spanish speaker, i could barley hold a conversation. And my first homestay wasn’t easy, you can ask harry, my friend who stayed with me in the first homestay with me. At every meal and in every sentence he had correct me or help me out. But as the days went on i needed less and less correction. I found my self coming out of my shell more and more. i began as someone who thought his spanish was not good to even talk to people, to now, someone who now enjoys starting conversations. Now don’t get me wrong, most of the time the conversation ends after a basic couple of minutes, but its a basic couple of minutes i couldn’t do before. Max