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Cambodia Summer Program.

Meditation Reflection

I spent the meditation retreat experiencing a loud silence. Being unable to speak with others left me completely alone with my thoughts, forcing me to explore my own mind. At first, I spent much of this time reading and continuing to distract myself from, well, myself. As time progressed, however, I had a few thoughts that kept crawling to the surface of my mind. By the following day, I found that the noise from my mind equaled that of a loud and invasive New York City street. As soon as I let myself dive into my mind, more and more thoughts vied for my attention. Seeing that I am an extremely busy teenager, I do not find the time in my daily life to reflect on what/who makes me who I am. Throughout my external silence, I found that the best way to navigate the complex map of my mind was to write. I began to just write, unprompted, what I titled “Life Thoughts.” Soon, I had written page after page of thoughts and memories, trying to connect the dots between major events in my life. The noise in my head then began to quiet down and I felt that I knew myself better than I have before. I learned that in order to try and make sense of our thoughts and clear our minds, we must be forced to spend time alone and without distractions. Facing my own mind straight-on was intimidating at first, but I now feel that I have discovered so much more about what makes me the person I am today.