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Letter to Family


I’m currently writing to you from my village homestay in Balamchaur, which I will be at for 8 days. We will be trekking on one of these days and farming with our host families on others.

Balamchaur is in the Annapurna conservation and is not too high up in the Himalayas. I am really enjoying the view here and have been taking some pictures which I will definitely show you!

So far, my adjustment to Nepali life has been relatively smooth. Vegetarianism is quite common here so I have not had any issues food-wise! Before Balamchaur, I went to Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. I visited a sustainable community with a beautiful farm that I hope to volunteer at, maybe during winter break since I’ll have such a long holiday!

I have come to really love Nepal and Nepali culture! Am so excited to tell you about my journey!

P.S. Don’t worry about me! I’m really enjoying myself here! Miss you!

Love, B (Jamuna Gurung in Nepal. I have been renamed by my host mother!)