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Lessons from the Khempo

The monastery has been my favorite part of this trip because the relaxed vibe is such a nice contrast after Kalimpong and the homestays. I’m so grateful that we had the opportunity the eat lunch with the monks, watch the puja, and actually go into the golden stupa and make a wish. I learned a lot from our four classes with the khempo, mostly about compassion, suffering, and healthy minds.


I really really hope I am able to use the lessons from the khempo at home, specifically the story about the woman in Hong Kong who suffered immensely until the khempo reminded her of all that she has that is good in her life. I know that people always say to be grateful for what you have, but there was something very different and powerful about hearing this lesson from the khempo. Listening to him, I felt safe and sure that he was right, and that his lessons had true meaning.


The khempo taught us how to meditate, which made me feel peaceful, appreciative, and satisfied each time. He had a beautiful voice, so when we meditated, it was relieving to only focus on his voice and the sound filling the room. Lama U.D. taught us more about the karmapas and reincarnations. He was very fun to talk to because he was always so happy. Actually, all of the monks at Rumtek were just so happy and I greatly admire them for the lifestyle they live and their dedication to having a healthy mind.