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Leaving Kunming

As our 10 days in Kunming come to an end we are struck with the realization that our trip in China is almost halfway finished. It also gives us a chance to reflect on our days here spent with our home stay families, each other,  on ISPs, and exploring the city. Saying goodbye to our home stay families was an especially sad moment as we have all made connections and developed relationships with these people who we are leaving after only 10 days.

However so many great memories have been made in Kunming that greatly outweigh the melancholy of leaving. Bubble tea, shopping days, spending time with home stays and eating so much great food only scratch the surface in terms of our experience in Kunming. So many things on our bucket lists have been checked off during this section of our trip with some experiences still unfulfilled. As we write this now Spencer and I are about to leave for a KFC during our 45 lunch time as apparently it’s different in China.

Tonight we leave by night train to our next stop on our journey which all of us are extremely excited for. The rural home stay and eventual hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge sound just as amazing if not more so than our time in Kunming.


  • Daniel Loughney & Spencer Crandall