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Leaving Jixiang : first day of X-phase

As we wrap our minds around the fact that we have left the small village of Jixiang, the bittersweet memory of adjusting to the slow paced local life mixes with the many wonderful memories we leave behind. Reflecting on our time with our host families, I have prepared a selection of images that remind me of our time here, and some of the many people we have met here, including some of my host jiejie          (older sister) and biaomei ( little cousin)!

Yesterday, we left for Lijiang by public bus, where we had lunch at KFC :)) we then got on a charter bus to Dali, which accidently got on the wrong route. Thankfully, Ulysses realized this and made us get off the bus. We then successfully walked 40 minutes along a dirt path and a highway to get to our hotel. The view was amazing, though. Where our hotel is, the rice fields and mountains surround us. We can see the faraway view of the lake from our balconies. Despite the arguments about booking a vegan hotel for 3 days, it seems that everyone is enjoying the food, which is much better than expected!

– Emilie