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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Last day in Nepal – Scavenger hunt madness!

Hello friends and family of Bhutan Dragons!

Today was the second day of orientation and our final day in Nepal. Students spent the morning in groups on an EPIC scavenger hunt of the neighborhood we’re staying in. They learned a bit about Buddhist symbols, which will serve them well in Bhutan. And everyone got lots of practice talking to new people. One of the tasks was to post a short yak (check them out below).

In the afternoon, we talked about cultural differences between the US and Bhutan in preparation for our arrival there tomorrow. Later the group started to talk about roles and responsibilities and how to take more ownership of their course. Finally after dinner we lit oil lamps and had our opening ceremony for the course. The group is excited, still slightly jet lagged, and looking forward to seeing some high Himalaya peaks during out flight tomorrow.

Peace and Love from Boudha, Nepal.

Bhutan Dragons.