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Last day before home!

Time had gone so fast since we left Nanyao on 22th of July,  we had a goodbye party with the homestay families at our program house, we danced with them in a circle with Naxi (regional ethnic group) music. It was quite a touching moment saying goodbye to the families, Ryann and Lillian’s homestay grandparents are almost 70 years old, they were not sure if they will see the students again as their time might come soon.

After a 3.5 hour bus ride, we arrived in Liming, a breathtaking village inside of the Laojun Shan National Park, surround by forests and mountains, dinner was a bunch of local vegetable dishes and an organic free range chicken dish, Huangmen ji (Seasoning chicken), as we always joked, China 4B is also called China Food Tour, we just had so much good food constantly. After dinner we went for a walk and joined the local Lisu (another ethnic group in the region) people for a dance. We were so excited about the hike, as it got closer, we went to bed with full bellies and pure happiness.

July 23th, we had soy milk, you tiao (fried dough), Spencer and Daniel’s favorite, and noodle soup for breakfast. Everyone was so ready for the hike, with our local guide, A-Bo, in the lead, we heard many stories about the lives of Lisu people. A-Bo’s grandparents lived in the mountains. They hunted birds for food. It was a 7 hour hike, and we stopped at a local family’s house for lunch with a view of the corn field. It rained a few times during the hike and the view also changed dramatically. There were red sandy roads, fascinating mountains, gigantic trees, hills covered with flowers, mountain goats running around, and colorful wild mushrooms. At dinner time we arrived our destination, the home of a local family on the top of the mountain. This was just an extraordinary experience!

Then we moved on to Dali for Transference. We talked about what impact this trip had on us, and what we would take away with us. We wrote each other gratitude letters, and recalled all of the moments we spent together as a group. Tomorrow is our last day in Kunming. We will have final gift shopping time in the afternoon, and a group hotpot dinner. On the 28th we head to the Kunming airport and our trip comes to an end. It has been such a phenomenal trip, and we shared so much laughter and truly cared about each other as a group! I will miss each one of you! Jake’s guitar, Nichos’ jokes, Eli’s maturity! I don’t  think this is the end of our journey, the new journey has yet just begun, I’m sure all of you have taken a piece of China with you for your upcoming adventures! Farewell! China 4B, you will forever be missed!