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Ladakh is…

Ladakh is home to grinning “julleys!” And prayer flags waving in the Himalayan breeze on the top of every home.
It is a place of homemade noodles and veggie dishes, and barley fields, and steep rocky desert mountains.
It is a place of sleeping dogs and winding dirt roads and rivers that flow down through valleys.
It is a place of tall thin trees and their lingering shade, and early morning light that floats over the mountain crests.
It is a place of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and local sheep doctors.
It is a place of rural villages protected by ongoing mountains, and of rickety taxi vans that carry luggage on the roof.
It is a place of roaming cows and white houses with ornately carved wooden windowsills.
Ladakh is home of the kind and selfless people who invite you into their homes to sit on their soft mats and drink their deliciously sweet milk tea (and salt tea if you wish).