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Ladakh is quiet

Arriving after the bustle of Delhi, the world seemed to stand still. All of a sudden we are surrounded by inspiring mountains and humbling monasteries; it’s no wonder that Ladakh values its quiet. The quiet makes me feel more in tune; my heartbeat seems louder and my breathing more noticeable. When on walks, I often find myself trying to muffle my footsteps to match the quiet. In an American town or city you would find this type of quiet eery but here, the lack of noise emphasis Ladakh’s beauty: The contrast of the green valley against the rusted mountains, the red and white monastery on the hill, the crystal creek running through the green. More than that, though, the lack of noise makes you appreciate the noise that does exist. When the birds chirp you enjoy their songs. When the creek murmurs, you cherish the noise. When you hear an elderly Ladakhi talk, you stop and learn.