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Keep on Eating

Our four day long homestay absolutely flew by. Between trying to herd yaks, hiking in the surrounding hills, or spending time with our homestay family we were almost always busy. Throughout all of this time, the hospitality of the nomads consistently surprised us. Every meal was delicious and even when we couldn’t eat another bite they offered us more. Arriving at the village in the Sangke Grassland was surreal. Surrounded by yaks, sheeps, horses, and the endless hilly green landscape, we hiked up to our homestay family’s tents. Initially, I was very nervous about the language barrier. How would I communicate with our family relying on only body language and no words? However, we were soon at ease thanks to the kindness and patience of the nomads. We spent most of the next day hiking in the mountains, playing soccer and hacky sack, and eating watermelon with our host brother and his energetic friend. Despite the language barrier we got along really well and laughed a lot. We also finally herded the three legged sheep that had outsmarted and outran Max and I the day before. We learned about the effect of modernization upon the nomadic lifesytle, as well as the economic decline in their way of life; which really had an impact on me. Hopefully I can apply what I have learned through this experience in the rest of the trip and my daily life.