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Kalimpong Reflections

Hello outside world! We are currently in a village called Kalimpong. It took us a total of 10+ hours to get here from Kolkata, where we started. Some might say that 10+ hours is a long time, it is, but to get the views we have? It is worth it.

The views from our program house, one of the instructor’s childhood homes, lets say the least, breathtaking. We got to we got to see the opposite mountains and other villages. We are high enough that clouds cover our surroundings practically 24/7. There’s such tranquility here that you feel peaceful with yourself and others around you.

We started our homestay yesterday and it made me, personally uncomfortable. I am not one who likes to socialize a lot, nor am I one who’s good at socializing. For me it was hard to communicate with my family. But I am willing to push myself because I need to practice my socializing skills.

This place offers more than enough to all of us, especially me.