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A student practices working the fields with a water buffalo. Photo by Ming-Jiu-Li, China Summer Program.

It’s Shanghai noon

Hello Families back home.

We have been in Shanghai for a week now and had some very memorable experiences. In the photos shown in the Yak, you can see Shanghai from the Bund at night (arguably one of the most impressive views we have ever seen) and us travelling through the rough streets of the bustling city. When we arrived in the downtown area, we separated into three groups and attempted to complete a scavenger hunt which went well for many and others not so much, but all groups had an amazing adventure exploring. The next day we met with a guest speaker who works with autistic kids and is an amazing artist. We visited the learning center where the kids were based, completed activities with them, and observed how kids with disabilities are treated in China. On the final day in Shanghai, we went over relevant Chinese history from the Qin Dynasty to the creation of the PRC. After the lesson, we visited a small Chinese propaganda museum where we learned how people in China were influenced throughout their history. Tomorrow morning we will leave Shanghai for Yichang to explore more of China’s diverse culture.

You will hear more about China soon!

Zai Jian!

Rohan & Vincent