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ISP madness

Hola familias!

Here are a few pics from the afternoons of this week (and a few random ones too…) which have been times for Independent Study Projects (ISPs). In no particular order we have:

  • Kayla and Sofía in Quechua classes
  • Philip (aka Felipe) in Andean weaving classes
  • Tea and Marissa learning Peruvian criolla cuisine
  • Becky in Peruvian cuisine class
  • Tava also in cooking class (at Ccatan, our beloved orientation location)
  • Asher in cajón class learning Afro-peruvian and criolla rhythyms

ISPs are sometimes a challenge to organize. We are excited that things are going well so far, affording the students space each afternoon to establish their own, self-directed relationship with the richness of Peruvian culture and with a local mentor. We just stop in to lend a hand logistically, take pictures, and try the food 🙂 It makes me very happy to see how this group has embraced the opportunity to fall in love with a bit of Peru!