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Intro to the Himalayas

I realize now that the following likely doesn’t portray our journey in any helpful way specifically, but the scenery of the Himalayas has impacted me a lot in these first few days, so I feel like I should at least try to convey their beauty.

The journey to our rural home stay host-village of Balamchaur consisted of a 10 hour bumpy bus ride followed by a 2 hour hike up a tall, slate staircase. The roads we navigated became rockier, steeper, and more meandering the farther we drove, and as we approached our destination the terrain transformed into a striking landscape of lush valleys and rivers flooded by the monsoon season.

Even the most inconspicuous hills in Northern Nepal are comparable in scale and magnitude to the Yosemite valley. Rice fields have been etched into the hills, almost literally creating a stairway to heaven. As we began our hike, the clouds in the distance cleared, unveiling a single white peak. Though dozens of miles away, the lone Himalaya towered over us as if we stood at its base.

The trek was short yet challenging; the thin air and travel fatigue hindered the movement of our lungs and legs. Nevertheless, the flaming Nepal sun set over our humble group of travelers, and we arrived at the top of the hill where our host families were waiting for us.

My words don’t do the scenery justice, but I hope I’ve communicated at the very least the impact this land has had on us.