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Last night I had my first night with my homestay family in Kalimpong. There are many of my friends in my program that live right near me. My family is great! They kept on asking me if I was comfortable and not to be nervous as I am now part of their family. I have a mother, a father, a grandmother, and a 17 year old brother. My father and brother are fluent in English. When I showed them pictures from back home, they thought my mom looked Nepali. We watched the World Cup together as my brother is a big fan.  I was given books and learned about their religion. When my father came into the house, he gifted me a necklace that is said to protect me. I woke up the next morning at about 4:00 am. It was actually really nice just sitting in my thoughts instead of looking at a a phone. At 5:00 am everyone else in the house woke up, and my father said that we are going for a walk. We walked through foggy Kalimpong, and there was so much to see. He started running, so I followed him and we went into the woods to jump ropes. We stretched and jumped, then we headed back home. He says we are going to do that every morning. The people are so connected here and everyone knows everyone.