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Cambodia Summer Program.


I’m a born and bred city girl. I have lived in two major cities in my life. I have known nothing else. So, when I heard we were spending six days immersing ourselves in the daily routine of rural Cambodia, several thoughts entered my mind about the impending homestay. “Monotonous.” “Simple.”

However I have found that this part of the trip has been the part to affect me the most. The way my homestay mom softly taps on my door, waking me up to the smells of a delicious breakfast. The way my homestay family stares at me expectantly as I eat my meals, waiting for my reaction to the food, hoping I like it. The way my host brother flashes a peace sign at me while we play soccer, and the way the family cares so much about how I am, caring for me as if I was one of their own, when I have only known them for a few days. It’s the kind of compassion I have never really seen before, and it will be something I will never forget.