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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.


If I were to say anything about the homestays I would say that they feel like home. The family is so generous and welcoming and treats us as their family. They give us a place to sleep and food and tea. When you enter the room, they offer every time to sit on the floor so you can sit down in their seat. Even though we can’t communicate well they do their best to make sure we are enjoying ourselves. Our homestay mother who speak the Bhutanese dialect of Bumthap uses sign language to make sure we are enjoying the food and if it’s too hot or spicy. Also, the 19-year-old boy in our homestay is very nice and since he speaks very good English he helps both of us with translating and showing us around. All in all, I am very much enjoying the homestay and looking forward to getting to know the family better.