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A practiced hand paints a thanka. Photo by Cara Starnbach, North India Program.


July 17, 2018

Today the group traveled by plane from Delhi to Leh in Ladakh. We all had a wake up time at 4:00 am to be at the airport by 7:00am for our flight.  By the time we had all checked in our bags and gone through security we were all anxious to see the Himalayas. Landing in the Himalayas we had some turbulence but the view from the plane was fantastic. Getting out the plane everyone was excited to be away from the Delhi heat, honking cars, and barking dogs. After collecting our bags and filling in registration forms we took two cars to our guest house for the next four days before our trek. The area we are in has rocky mountains, green trees, and little roads. We are living at a guest house with lots of livestock and a garden and a small guest house. The meal times are amazing. We had rice, vegetables, and chai tea. We also had eggs, homemade ladakhi bread and peanut butter and chai tea. After meals all students try to clean their own plates but the guest house mother doesn’t let us but we will keep trying to succeed. The Himalayas around us are very high (3500 metres) and all students are getting used to the altitude and drinking lots of water. Everyone loves the quiet countryside and the calm. I am very comfortable and happy in Ladakh.