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Gratitude possesses the power to bring smiles and joy, yet on this trip I have found that it is really the one way that I am able to begin to give back to the inspirational people I have met in Ladakh. On Trek 2, in the gorgeous Markha Valley, our cook crew continuously supplied our group with delicious dal, rice, bread, potatoes, and endless vegetables, perfectly spiced of course. They always greeted us with smiles and one way we offered gratuity was through helping with the morning dishes. However, we also wrote this song for them, which we performed at the last morning. For all you parents, it’s to the tune of “Baby” by Justin Bieber. Pretty sure our group might have a concert or two in it’s future…

We love you cook crew
You’re some cool dudes
When we are hungry
You give us food

So thank you
Ravi, Ravi, Ram, Ram
and Suman, Suman, Suman, Lal
And Jeet, Jeet, Jeet, Lal
We are so grateful for you, you

When we were trekking
We had a cook crew
There was nobody who compared to the cook crew
And no other food could ever fill us up
They woke us up daily
With milk tea in our cup
They made us all smile
Skip a beat when we saw them on the trail and
In tents on the campground
And we really wanna appreciate them
You know they got us tastin’
Cuz their food was so amazin’
And now all we can say is

Thank you, thank you, thank you ohh
Julley, julley, julley ohh
Dhanyabad, dhanyabad, dhanyabad ohh
We will really miss you, you