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Dear Dragons Family –

First and foremost thank you for sending your children on this transformation experience. It has been a pleasure getting to know each and everyone of them. They each contribute a special aspect of the trip. Thank you for following our journey on the yak board! We are saddened to say goodbye, but know the wonderful things they will share. We also know this isn’t goodbye as this trip will always be remembered in our hearts and visited many more times in our memories!

We also want to call out a missing part of our collective heart, Kat! We miss her and wish she was here for these final days. She brought humor, kindness, friendship, and so many one liners…”I’d rather have E.Coli then wet clothes” or “kangaroos are viscous” or “Teto!?!?” or “on Page 42 of the horse manual…”! Kat – you are often brought up in our transference activities and the group feels the difference without you! We hope you recover well and beat the basketball point record!
– The Instructors

After being away for the past month, I surprisingly realized how important my family is and how much I miss them all. I’m so grateful for this opportunity but also so excited to be with my family again. Lots of love thyra x

This has been a journey of personal growth and self discovery. The largest take away has been appreciating my privilege and being gracious for everything. I am so thankful for my family for giving me this incredible opportunity
Love you all

I found out so many things about myself here, thank you for letting me jump headlong into a crazy experience of breakfast traditional, beans, chicken buses and sacred bodies of water. I love you mom and dad!!

Family!!! Thank you for sending me to Guatemala. It is by far the craziest thing I have ever done, and I have learned SO much about myself and the world. I can’t wait to come home but I don’t want to leave :(.
Alexa (P.S. Get ready for a really stinky hug TJ!!)

Griffin! Thank you for sending me to Guatemala. I was really sad to leave my last home stay family but am looking forward to Antigua. Love, Blake

Thanks to all the parents for sending your children to Guatemala. This was such a great trip overall and this group was vital to that experience. Thanks to my family for letting me go out here, and see you all soon!-R

Dear family, I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity to travel to Guatemala. Words cannot describe how much I have learned from this experience. I look forward to coming home with a new perspective on the world.

I know I’m taking 1/12 of the group back with me with my sister, but I will miss everyone so much and all our experiences with this amazing group. Im so grateful for this trip and all the comforts we will have when we get back -Cara

Going on this trip was definitely the best way I could’ve spent my summer. I learned so much. Like let’s take last night for example; I willingly ate a tortilla, calmly watched a jumping spider crawl into my bed, and fell asleep as a huge spider in my room tried to murder a large moth. I’m so grateful to have had this experience, it’s definitely changed my perspective. – Emma

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Dear Mom,
I love and miss you very much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience all that Guatemala has to offer. I miss you and I’ll see you soon. – Seds

This trip has helped me conquer the anxieties plaguing me for ages!! This group has been amazing and the experiences have been unbelievable! To my wonderful parents – I can’t wait to see you please buy junk food!!
Love, Anna