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Goodbye Patan…

Everyone is cleaning up the program-house at the moment. Fortunately I have been granted the privilege to write, and I want to tell you why that is has been such a privilege to stay in Patan. I write to express the hard, bittersweet emotion one gets at certain events. This has been one of those moments.

Still reeling from the realization that I will no longer get to work with my home-stay father/ISP mentor and nor will I get to enjoy the presence of my homestay brothers. My homestay father, his smile and kind nature will longer greet me when I leave to the program house at 7:30. That now seemingly short 30 min walk only confined to memory. No longer to happen again within my lifetime. A strange but true thought to me.

On a similar note, I will undoubtably miss the long, near irrational conversations that my home-stay brother Siddhartha and I had about topics ranging from Buffalo Wild Wings to the Vampire Apocalypse. Nor will we enjoy eating momos at his favorite restaurant or just having dinner with his family. All of which I enjoyed, absolutely. A joy that turned to sense of family on the second to last night where we all made momos and ate them whilst we made more.

Dwelling on the fact that I’m leaving will only dampen my mood. The only thing to look forward to now…. the beach. Full of sunburns and mischief. That starts in a few days though. 4 days. 4 full days and a plane ride to reflect on the course as whole, but especially Patan.

Although the time I spent here has been short. I have learned to love it.