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A practiced hand paints a thanka. Photo by Cara Starnbach, North India Program.

From Lakes to Mountains



Early this morning we left beautiful Tso Pema, a mountain refuge that had become our familiar home and orientation site for several days. We were sad to leave our friendly “chai guy,” our favorite cafe, the dogs we had become used to, and the protective walls of our monastery.

Yesterday we hiked up a steep path to the sacred cave where Guru Padmasambhava, a teacher who was considered to be the second reincarnation of Buddha, spent much of his life meditating and teaching Buddhism to budding monasteries. Even though we got caught in the rain on the climb up, the sun came out and the views opened up, displaying the beautiful foothills of the Himalayas that we had been surrounded by, hundreds of Tibetan prayer flags glistening in the sun.

Today we have been traveling, taking time in Dharamshala to eat lunch and apply for permits for our stay in Deer Park where we will visit another monastery. We hope to learn more about Tibetan refugees through a local NGO as well as gain tools on how to improve our meditation practice.

Everyone is doing well and feeling eager to dive deeper into India and all it has to offer!

Here is a photo from the top of our hike! Much love and namaste,


Laura and the team