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Cambodia Summer Program.

Friday the 13th: Tuk Tuk Dukha

10:30am: Sally, Rachel, Kylie, and Kelsey unsuspectingly pose for a selfie on Kelsey’s new iPhone 8 in their Tuk Tuk rolling through the streets of Phnom Penh.

10:32am: Kelsey communicates with Teacher Cla via WhatsApp with the code message: “We fell on Africa.”

1o:33am: A male motor biker sporting a teal T-shirt whizzes by, stands, and snatches Kelsey’s new iPhone 8 from her unprepared hands.

10:33am: Sally, Rachel, Kylie, and Jose’s jaws drop and eyes widen.

10:34am: Jose’s hand slowly moves towards Kelsey’s shoulder and lightly touches it.

10:34:15am: He cautiously whispers, “I’m so sorry.”

10:34:39am: The Tuk Tuk sits in uncomfortable silence as the four students fear their instructor’s reaction to this atrocity.

10:35am: Her reaction: “*********”

10:35:15am: The three girls sharing one bench of the Tuk Tuk begin to audibly whisper about what they just saw. They sit in utter disbelief.

10:36am: Rachel turns to Sally to share her startling realization: “It’s Friday the 13th.”

10:36:06am: Sally responds, “Too soon.”

10:37am:  The three girls press their faces up to the metal grate on the back of the Tuk Tuk to communicate the happenings of the past few minutes to our beloved Bong Yut and three other Dragons.

10:37:12am: Yut’s permanent smile abruptly vanishes from his face, replaced by a gaping mouth and concerned eyes.

10:42am: After minutes of silence on the students’ side while Kelsey underwent the stages of grief, she exclaims, “Dukha!”, a fitting word given our daily lessons on the Buddhist faith.

10:49am: We arrive at an ice cream spot in Phnom Penh, and what was supposed to be a celebration for our three Yaks of the Week (no big deal!) turns into a funeral.

10:50am: Tears roll down Kelsey’s cheeks as she speaks to Bong Yut, and we guiltily enjoy our chocolate cones in the background.