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Free Day

This past Sunday, we all had the opportunity to spend the whole day with our host families. Here is the collection of stories from all of us…

Sampai Jumpa,


Beach with family.

My homestay family took me to a pine forest, a terrace farm, and to the cemetary of the kings lf Jogja. It was amazing to see a wider perspective of Jogja while connecting with my family.

I went to a family breakfast and met all of the aunts, uncles, grandpas and grandmas. Then, I rode on the back of the horse carriage as my dad took people to a wedding.

My homestay sister and her two kids took me to Uraton and the water castle. It was really nice to connect with my family and see more of the city. In tbe evening, the whole family took me to get ice cream.

Yesterday, I went to the beach with my family. We ate fish and drank coconut water near the ocean.

I went to the beach.

I went the water castle with my family and I took a lot of pictures with them. Later during the day, I waved goodbye to a carriage with a newly wed couple and played Uno with my host siblings.

Yesterday, was my birthday and we had a really mellow day. We just kind of hung around for most of the day and went to this museum. It was fun though! I loved spending time with my family!

Throughout my fantastic day with my host family, we started the day off with a beautiful day on the beach. Next, we went to yet another part of the beach. After the next part of the same beach, we had an amazing lunch with whole fishes (the bones and all). Then, we finished the day off with sandboarding down the fluffy sand dunes.

I practiced traditional archery with my neighbors and host family.

My family took me to Teras Kaca to take some nice pictures and then to the beach! I took them out for Tempo Gelato afterward. It was such a fun day and I am lucky to have such a kind family!

I went to a food festival near Malio Boro, where we went Saturday! The food was so good and I tried Indonesian pancakes and two types of noodles. I also went on my own little excursion to the grocery stores and didn’t get lost so yay mom and dad aren’t you proud??? <3