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First Yak(s), by Thyra

Hello everyone!

This is my first yak ever, which to me seems ironic considering half the people here want to yak! (Yak — throw up!) Our countless bites seem to duplicate every day, pushing us further and further away from our sanity.

However, despite all of this, we’ve had a pretty unique and magical 12 days.

Two days ago we left Nuevo Horizonte and took a 9-hour day bus all the way up to Rabinal. During this time, we jammed to Guatemalan pop songs and showed some of our tragic dance moves. Chocolate chip cookies and a couple of packets of cheap chips fueled us and kept us going until reaching our next destination.

The view from the bus was unreal. The sun was setting over the mountains creating this array of pink and purple clouds. As dazed and tired as we were, we aimed to keep spirits high.

Every parent should feel immensely proud of their child because (after the trek) we have all been thrown out of our comfort zones, yet we’re still standing tall. Yesterday we learnt about food sovereignty and seed preservation – mum and dad, I plan to home grow my food now fyi. Later we got the chance to thoroughly wash our filthy clothes and explore Rabinal. Then a guy called Mario led us around a museum and a graveyard, dedicated to the hundreds of people who died during the Río Negro massacre.

Overall, we’re all enjoying learning about the history of Guatemala and are becoming more and more inspired to contribute in some way or another.