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First Trek…Check


Greetings from Cusco,
Owen speaking. We just got back from our first trek in Nacion Quaros, and the only word to describe is breathtaking (both figuretively and literally). The first day was a nice, easy three hour trek to our first community, Hapu. The people there kindly welcomed us into their homes, and we spent the rest of the night talking with our homestay families, aka until it got dark at 6:30. The next day was a beautiful yet gruelling 8 hour trek to get to our next homestay, Cochamarka. I do not know about anyone  else, but this was my favorite part of the trek. I stayed with a nice family whose kids were absolutely hysterical. We stayed for two nights, so we could have a fun day with the community in between eight hour treks. During our fun day, we played soccer with the locals, and had an amazing alpaca lunch. After saying goodbye to the community, we journeyed to the next comunity where we stayed with another family. We spent the night there, and journeyed to Cusco the following day. After arriving to Cusco, we had a massive dinner, and we got to explore the city.
Hope this gives people a good idea of what we have been up to,