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Feeling welcomed

Through my time in Guatemala I have transformed strangers into life long friends. This both includes the wonderful people on this trip as well as the many Guatemalan people along the way.  So many people have shown me kindness and openness. In my time in Pachaj my homestay family not only allowed me into there home but also into there heart. I would spend late chilly nights staying up exchanging stories and further learning about each other all while sipping a hot cup of Maiz tea. While the parents went off to bed the kids and I would stay up a little longer playing card games and having dance parties. One memorable time I had while staying in pachaj was making my first tortillas. I would watch Flor and try to mimic the orchestrated movement of the dough in her palms. Making a tortilla was easier said then done, my tortilla either ended up breaking in half, falling on the floor or being too small. Despite my failure, Flor wanted me to succeed,  she would give me fresh dough, helpful tips, and encouragement. After my 5th try I finally got one to look somewhat similar to hers, the rest of the family huddled around the stove to see my masterpiece. They giggled a little then gave me their approval. At this moment I felt happy, we were able to joke about what I did and made me feel truly welcomed.