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“Experiential education is not just doing, but thinking about what you’re doing”

We began our Day with another terrific breakfast at the Home Inn Plus. Fresh fruit, especially mangos were a great way to start the day. During the morning circle check-in (PEN-X: physical, emotional, needs and X factor in Dragons model) not surprising, people had few needs. We are well cared for by our insightful navigators Lauren and Joseph. Lauren has been very kind to share her thinking on human cultural interactions and potential implications. Her lens provides inspiration for meta cognitive thinking as this enriching experience weaves into the fabrics of our lives.
The next opportunity for insite and reflection came from a lu yun and her son Henry. Lu yun has run an experiential program for students in Kunming for many years. I loved her description of experiential education “Not just doing but thinking about what you are doing. ”
In addition to pearls of wisdom on the values of experiential education she provided an over view of 2000 years of Chinese history personalized by her own connections. As Lu Yun reviewed the tenants of Confucius thought and the importance of relationships, I realized these ideals would provide an excellent framework for strengthening culture and community in a school.
Our reflective thoughts were further nurtured and shared while enjoying a Buddhist buffet lunch. We were well prepared to begin our independent study projects. The evening was full of lively conversation at another outstanding restaurant. Then our bodies and spirits further nurtured with an optional massage and visit to a bustling cafe that provides many opportunities for an ethnic minority village. Looking forward to another day of exploration, thoughtful insights, and lively exchange. We all feel very fortunate to be here, particularly together. We look forward to frank joining us today.