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Every mile and every hour

So far, Guatemala has been an experience like nothing I’ve ever done before. From riding in trucks through the beautiful mountain landscape near San Lucas Toliman, to riding across Lake Atitlan on a boat, everything has been a ride. So far we have done so much, and many of these things have been new experiences. So far my highlights of the trip have been long bus rides between places, the boat ride across Lake Atitlan, and learning about permaculture at IMAP. In addition to thoroughly enjoying transportation, I have also done other stuff! Right now we are doing homestays in the village of Pachaj and working on reforestation at Proyecto Chico Mendes. I would say that the main takeaways I have so far in Guatemala are a better understanding of the environment, and a major improvement in my Spanish. Another thing that has been a major idea for every student on the trip has probably been the notion of being comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is something that we have all had to practice, because it is definitely uncomfortable living with a family that doesn’t speak your language, or walking around in a town where you look different than everyone else and feel like an outsider. However, this is a valuable life lesson, and it is something that everyone should take with them. Yes. I am having a great time, and I believe everybody else also is, and for the 11 days we have been together, I haven bonded with some pretty cool people. These next 20 days are going to fly by! Hasta pronto!