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The Tiger's Nest in Bhutan. Photo by Chelsea Ferrel.

Environmental Awareness Day

For the past several days we have been developing our independence skills through planning themes and activities during our trek and stay at UWICER. Today was environmentally themed with a focus on Bhutan’s unique ecosystems and was hosted by Jack and Raif. Since today also marks the last day at UWICER campus, we held a small thank you event to express our gratitude.

As part of our theme we acknowledged the national species, the takin, as well as Bhutan’s national tree, the cypress. We also asked our group to comprise a list of ways that they have been inspired to incorporate environmental practices in the their daily lives at home to share with the UWICER staff.

Some responses we received included: mindfulness of plastic use, reducing water usage, composting, turning off lights, and general wildlife education. We have experienced very prominent interests and seen values related to the environment, so we are hopeful that our efforts will have a meaningful impact.