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Entering the lifestyle; our First homestay experiences in Pachaj

Hola todos,

Yesterday we departed from Earth Lodge and continued on to Pachaj, our next destination. Along the way, we cranked up the tunes, consumed some delicious gas station snacks, and dived into the Guatemalan culture. Then we arrived at the Chico Mendes headquarters after many detours where we met out host families  and went our own ways. Our host families were extremely gracious, kind and welcoming, ushering us into their everyday lives.

Meals with the family, although simple, were delicious and the tea served with them was equally enjoyable. Our host family cooked us a wonderful vegetable soup, tamales, and beans accompanied by a nice tea. After some much needed sleep, which was frequently interrupted by sounds as diverse as dogs barking and people singing. When we woke up, we were greeted with a breakfast to rival our dinner, honey pancakes with pineapple tea, a dynamic duo. After breakfast we left our houses and reconvened with our entire group at the Chico Mendes HQ, where we helped the founder, Armando, collect dirt to grow trees as part of a prolonged effort to preserve the environment. We then moved on to lunch, which consisted of tortillas, rice, broccoli and limeade, accompanied by the world cup match of the hour, Colombia vs England. (Colombia lost unfortunately). We then started our one on one spanish lessons with Pachaj natives, during which we went to a nearby market, at which we bought a variety of ingredients . Then, we prepared them at three different stations, at which we made guacamole, chicharrones and a fruit medley, each one delicious, and presented them to our group, who ate side by side with the teachers. We look forward to telling you guys the rest of our story.

¡Hasta luego!

By Harry and Neil

Photo 1: a student presenting in Spanish to the rest of the course members

Photo 2: One of our groups making guacamole

Photo 3: A group presenting its food to the judges