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El Hato, Guatemala

As we arrived at our private jet terminal the cheerful kids that had started the airport experience walked off the bus dead and drowsy. It had been a long couple of days. However, walking in to the terminal changed our attitudes, as now we truly belived we would be leaving Miami.

Driving out of the private jet terminal in Guatemala was our first experience with the country we had long been awaiting. We arrived at the earth lodge, a place literally surrounded by earth and beauty. Looking down at the town with volcanos on either side of it was marvelous.

The next day we went to a small town called “él hato.” It was a small mountain side town, however today was no ordinary day. Today was a celebration of the saint of él hato. Fireworks with no design or flare, just sound, went off all around us and made some of us flinch. Band music blared all around us from the March. This was our first real Guatemalan experience. We were asked to do a number of tasks that included buying fruit. We ate lunch at a local stall on the side of the road, where the smell of steak on the grill could be a smelt at the top of the mountain. We left él hato with more knowledge and understanding then we came with.

Today we say our goodbyes and head to our first Homestay, hoping to dive in and immerse our self with the Guatemalan country.  -max

picture 1: Seth, Neil, and Max having lunch in the town square of El Hato.

picture 2: everyone at earthlodge!