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Hello everybody!

Hit the ground running after I returned home from my amazing trip to Bolivia and am still trying to process…. however I just wanted to share some initial thoughts after coming home…

First of all, I want to thank all three of our awesome instructors because you truly made this experience powerful and personal. My time there really gave me a deeper understanding of how climate change is currently effecting our world. I found it very interesting how some of the residents of Bolivia were completely oblivious to it and how others were overwhelmingly aware of it.

I have already talked to my co-teachers about my experiences and we have started discussing how we can use my experiences in building our science curriculum this year, they were immediately interested in what we learned about glaciers and their mass balance change.

Also, another personal change I have noticed in myself as a result of this experience is I talk about climate change more freely in regular conversations now. I used to be afraid to talk about it because I was always nervous that the person I was talking to would be a climate change denier and I wouldn’t be able to defend my position. I no longer am worried about people’s reactions as much and have brought it up in many conversations with many people.

Also, a personal change that I made already was contacting my energy company to elect 100% green power. I had shied away from this option earlier because costs more money (1.2 cent/kWh) .. I already have solar panels but they are less efficient in the winter… so this was my first step! And now since we are converting to renewable electric we are starting to replace tools with electric tools (snow blower, weed eater and next up is lawn mower!) (this was irrelevant before because otherwise Wyoming electric is mostly from burning coal)… next up, getting others to join me and helping create awareness in our future generations!