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Sunset at the mosque. Morocco Summer Program.

Dueling with Darija

Hey friends and family,

Braiden and Meredith here; we wanted to give you a little update on what we have been doing in Immouzzer Kandar! This week we are the designated scribe and translators for the group, so we organized a game of pictionary with our neighbors from the Peace Corps (Caleb and Bethen) and their Friday english class. The competition was intense, and certain group members revealed their true colors (cough, cough Ismail). Each group consisted of a few dragons student and a local Morrocan. The teams were named Chocolate, Flour, Winners, and Liverpool. The object of the game was to guess both the Darija and English word for whatever we chose to draw. Everyone battled it out, but Team Liverpool (Stefan, Jackson, and Youseff) made an amazing comeback when they answered three in a row correctly, and won when they correctly identified our crude drawing of a tomato (maTisha in Darija). While other teams’ disappointment was evident throughout the classroom, everyone now has a better vocabulary for future souk trips! Hopefully our Darija will expand beyond fruits and vegetables in our upcoming trek!


Meredith and Braden