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A practiced hand paints a thanka. Photo by Cara Starnbach, North India Program.


The group arrived in Dharamshala for a week of homestays. On the day we arrived my host mother took me and Brandon, another Dragons student, to a local waterfall. It was amazing to see the big waterfall. I love Dharamshala. My host mother makes the best food. While we eat breakfast and dinner we watch Indian music videos. As we are watching the music videos I tell my host mother what I think the music video is saying and she tells me what they are actuaIly saying which is really fun. I also have loved teaching my host mother how to play the card game UNO. I have enjoyed waking up to chai tea every morning this week and my family’s Tibetan cooking. I love Dharamshala. I love the variety of food you can eat. I love walking to the monastery and seeing the beautiful statues and the candles that people placed in front of the Buddha. Another reason I like Dharamshala is the people there who greet you and say good morning as you walk around. I have learned so much in one area on India and will miss our time here.