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Dear Me When I Get Home

Dear Me When I Get Home

Right now I sit here with 11 peers and 3 instructors who have taught me about the world and my role in it. I feel more educated on global issues than I ever have before, and yet I also feel like I have infinitely more to learn. So, Me When I Get Home, continue to strive to know even a sliver of the possible knowledge in the world. Read articles and books, talk to peers and teachers, and never lose the passion and desire for knowledge that consumes me in the moment now.

Next, remember to reflect and think about your life. The time in the meditation retreat taught me the importance of stopping my busy life, even if only for a short time, with the goal of exploring my own mind. Make sure to try to meditate for at least 3 minutes each morning, and never forget the value of having compassion for others, as well as the value of self-reflection.

In addition, take what action you can to help the environment. Use a reusable water bottle and reduce waste. Try to eat less meat, and only ethically-produced meat. Think of the way the i-team spoke passionately about how we need to help the earth. When it seems like using a plastic straw or grabbing a plastic bottle won’t make a difference, think of all the other people saying the same thing. If we all just reduced our plastic consumption by just a little bit, the effect will be massive.

Most importantly, live life each day with intention and purpose. When you make a choice, make it for a reason. Never become a passenger in your own life. If you are not happy with your life, work hard to figure out why, and then work even harder to implement positive change. Take risks and be yourself. Be the person you have become on this Dragons trip – someone eager to learn, and someone who connects with all different kinds of people.

Finally, Me When I Get Home, allow Cambodia to have a part of your heart and mind. Think of the brilliant and warm people of Cambodia and try to emulate their joy in the face of struggle. Do this, Me When I Get Home, and the Me Writing This will be extremely proud!

– Me Now, 07/25/2018, Siem Reap