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Dear Indus River

Dear Indus River,

You inspire me to take photos. Whenever you are in the photo, it is a great photo. The other day I woke up very early, so I decided to watch the sunrise. I walked to where I saw the sun rising. This brought me to the edge of SECMOL’s campus. As I watched the sunrise, I took many pictures. I did a time lapse of the sunrising. The river started out very dark and almost black. As the sun began to peek the river looked gold. Also my photo had pink in them from the sunrise it was beautiful. Today, we climbed SECMOL Mountain. We began climbing this morning at 5:00 am. It was still dark and the stars were out. It was madly steep at the beginning and towards the end it was very steep. The whole way, I would turn around and look back at the Indus River. You could see the Indus River, the campus, and the the city lights in Leh it was beautiful once we reach the top the sun was being to peek. It was still behind the mountains. The clouds were pink and the sky was light blue and purple. As the sun rose more there were more colors and the river shined more. I also of course took many great pictures of the hiking. They were featuring me, the Indus River and my new dragon friends :). It as truly magical going up SECMOL mountain and watching the scene of the sky and the Indus River change. I will remember these moments forever.