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Dear Bomb Guard

Dear Bomb Guard,

You have opened my eyes to the landfills that are slowly becoming the world we inhabit. You show us that, although waste may be invisible to some, it is always there, infecting our water and plaguing our land. Seeing you has made me think about the waste I release into this world and I am filled with a sense of guilt. At home, I am oblivious to the repercussions of my waste. I am given the privilege of not knowing where my waste goes and not worrying about toxic fumes and leakage. But, now that I have seen you and all the power you hold, I realize that I need to become more aware of my waste. Every solution starts with an acknowledgement of the problem and for me to be able to be part of the solution I needed my eyes to be opened. Bomb Guard, you have opened my eyes. Eyes that have been blinded by weekly garbage and recycling truck pick ups. With clear eyes, I am able to be mindful of my waste and how I use packaged resources around me.

Thank you Bomb Guard for showing me what our future may look like if we keep mindlessly discarding our waste without a care

Thank you for opening my eyes.