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Cambodia Summer Program.

Day Two

Today we had orientation activities in the morning and a hike to a waterfall in the afternoon. We woke up, had a breakfast of noodles and rice, and then proceeded to learn about cultural relativism and sensitivity, as well as how it pans out in Cambodia. Before lunch we had our language lesson with Yut where we learned the names of various food and how to express like and dislike for them. The lunch was my favorite meal thus far; vegetables, rice, broths, and more noodles. The food is very filling but also tastes and feels really healthy.

Later we went on our 2.8 kilometer hike to a waterfall. It was quite humid, but I definitely took bliss in the moments we stopped and felt the warm breeze. We learned about various medicinal practices and what the crossover of eastern and western medicine looked like. Soon we reached a steep incline and I could see fragments of the waterfall framed in branches and bamboo. When we eventually reached the foot of the waterfall it was breathtaking. It was so much larger and taller than I imagined, and the water was cool and refreshing. The whole moment felt unreal and like we were in a movie; I think it was definitely one of the most beautiful sights I have witnessed. Observing it really helped me understand why Khmer people find spirituality in nature, because when you are surrounded by such vibrant and natural beauty it is hard not to feel struck.