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Cooking, Farming, Eating

I was surprised by how delicious fried bread, rice, and potatoes can be in various forms. I spent a week learning to cook and each dish took a much shorter time than I expected because there were so many flavors involved. In an hour, we could cook chicken curry, daal and alu parata (dough mixed with potatoes and fried).

In Sittong, more than anywhere else I learned about the process of food. We learned to plant rice one day and pounded rice the next day to break off the shells. It was hot and sunny and I appreciated the rice we ate a lunch much more after our efforts. We also picked tea leaves, rolled them dry, and planted beans.

I definitely reached a point where food cooked in oil was not at all appealing to me. Now, with only a short time left, I’ve found myself savoring the dishing I know I’ll be missing before long.