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Cambodia Summer Program.

Coming out of the cave

Dear me in the future,

Abstract problems can’t have concrete answers. We focus on poverty, hunger, justice and more, and continually search for definitive answers, but always find other bigger issues within those answers. While we looked at this at a global level a lot, I also have been looking at the personal level. Some personal abstract problems include depression, anger and frustration. Now in western countries we have even more abstract problems and we put definitive answers to them. These answers include wealth, constant distraction, and following the already chartered life path. While I may sound anti-capitalist and all hippy, I really just believe that most people, myself included, are only looking at the shadow of the world, and tend to shy away from the millions of other possibilities this world holds.

Me in the future, I know this tiny little letter sounds jumbled and confused, so to make it more clear, I want to make one promise for us to hold. From here on out, make decisions that will make you a more joyful and compassionate person, and continue to see the world and yourself for its endless beauty and possibilities.

Thanks for keeping it real,