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Cambodia Summer Program.


I have always considered myself a person who loves nature. Although I still have a deep appreciation of nature, I have gotten to know nature well – sometimes a bit too well – through this trip. First off, I believe all forms of life are important because they contribute to nature in one way or another. However, despite my beliefs, there is something about bugs that just irks me. Whenever I would see a moth or a spider, my arms would start swatting at the air aimlessly. In other words, I do not have the best relationship with bugs, and as long as they don’t bother me, I wont bother them. This is all not true anymore. Being in Cambodia has allowed me to test my comfort zone by requiring me to use an outdoor squatty potty as well as a bucket shower. Initially, I thought that it would be easy. But, unfortunately, I was wrong. The hardest part was overcoming the fact that I had to share the outdoor bathroom with all sorts of bugs. I vividly remember my first time using the outdoor bathroom. There were plenty of ants passing by, spiders hanging out in the corner, and a couple of moths attacking the light bulb. I am pretty sure I spent a good 3 minutes absorbing it all in and another 5 minutes looking at all of the bugs in fear. The actual task of taking a shower and using a squatty potty was pretty easy and did not take long at all. I survived my first time using the outdoor bathroom. Since then, I’ve learned to peacefully coexist with bugs and to not be as afraid of them (excluding the recent cockroach experience, of course, which happened during Noble Silence).