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As my hair whips in the wind I see the most beautiful sight of Lago Atitlan. Never in my life would I think the back of a pickup truck could give me the best view of a country. As I cling to the metal frame I think of how as a group we’ve learned seeds are the basis of life. Without people like Christian who work at IMAP (Mesoamerican Institute of Permaculture) to conserve local (native) and creole seeds, the beautiful greenery I see would soon be nonexistent. The conservation work we’ve learned about is so important because Guatemala would not be able to rebuild their agriculture and maintain the natural forests after imperialist countries exported (and still do) their crops. More importantly, people like me wouldn’t be able to visit and/or come back and experience Guatemala for what it truly is.

Having been able to come back and experience my birth-country is once in a lifetime. Whether it be walking down the street saying “buenas” to the kind and resilient people, or walking through the forest and listening to the birds, I’m trying to take it all in; therefore, to fully experience my country like a native I will happily hop on the back of a truck and feel the air push against my face.