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Beans oh sweet beans!

Dear families and friends, today we are working with the community of Cotzal in the Ixil mountains. We are preparing the field where the women of the wevers coop will be planting beans for the community. Our group is enjoying this time working with their homestay moms, the weather has been really nice today ( warmer than Todos Santos). Soon we will enjoy a nice picnic lunch under the sun in the middle of a crackling corn field.  This is a project that Dragons has been part of for many years now. The coop Tejidos Cotzal helps this group of women in so many ways, from providing job opportunities for them by taking their beautiful textiles to markets and stores around Guatemala, to renting this space for them to be able to grow their food. Black beans is the main source of protein for this community and once the beans have been harvested and distributed to the families, the surplus is then taken to the market and sold by the pound. This money returns to the coop where it will be used to pay rent for the field, buy more seeds and pay the people that will keep the field healthy and productive. Its a beautiful cycle that today we are proud to be part of, and even though we are here for a short period of time, our connection with this lovely part of the country and its hard working people is meaningful and essential for our group and the host families. Here are some photos for all of you to enjoy.  Hasta pronto!