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Ausangate photos!

Greetings from our homestay town Urubamba! We are so happy to share that we completed our 5-day trek around the Ausangate mountain range, across remote communities from Upis to Pacchanta. Our companions and guides were the wonderful Condori family, who possess generations of wisdom and practical skills for navigating the intense climate, altitude and terrain of the Andes. Each day started with a coca ceremony to provide health and blessings on or journey, and in addition to seeing up/taking down camp and cooking three meals a day, students took on leadership roles such as guide, facilitator, sage, historian, timekeeper, accountant, among others. The fourth day of the trek was done in silence, to increase awareness of the powerful energy of the landscape and connect deeply with ourselves and the environment. It is difficult for words or even photos to capture the majesty and overwhelming beauty of Ausangate and our experience there. It was magical; it was humbling; and most of all it was a gift that made a lasting impression on our hearts and minds.