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Ashish Gurung

My Nepali Name is Ashish Gurung.

It’s with great difficulty that I attempt to sum up my first week in Nepal. The journeys through the mid-hills, though long and arduous, are truly rewarding, and the places we reach, at least to a foreign eye, are immensely impressive.

The locals, whatever they chose to do, whether it be greeting the guests or traversing the villages, do so with dignity and grace; I find myself really honored to be amongst their families and witness their daily lives. All members of my Homestay family have a ‘big presence’ but an even bigger heart.

Waking up to the Himalayas, whilst 2km above ground level, is, as with most things on this journey, both jarring and wonderful; a constant reminder that this place is far from home but a place I wish to be nonetheless.

A week through this journey after seeing local communities assisting each other with unwavering responsibility, I am reminded of the importance of unity. Whilst I may miss home, there remains much to be gained from remaining within this resilient communities.

Sending love to all!