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Answers & Pro Travel Tips

Hi everyone!

Not long now until we are all in Thailand together! There have been a few questions coming up via email so I just wanted to answer them all here so we’re all on the same page:

  1. If you’re trying on outfits and aren’t sure if they are culturally appropriate then it’s probably best to leave them at home. Trust us, you won’t be judged on how cool you look in-country. For girls, in general, the longer the better (sleeves and short/skirt length wise); and for our boys, please no single shirts unless you want to sleep in one.
  2. It is pretty hot and sweaty in Thailand right now (74-90 F with 90% humidity) so cotton and quick dry materials really do work best for your own comfort.
  3. It’ll likely rain (think thunderstorms/showers in the afternoon) so if you have a pocket umbrella that can be useful but you definitely need a rain jacket.
  4. We will be “camping” out for one night (in a house). Mats, sleeping bags and fully enclosed tents will be provided but if you want to bring a sleeping mat you can. Gai and I don’t travel with them, it’s your choice.


  • Bring a small combination lock for your day packs. It helps to keep your gear safe/for peace of mind on public transport. Make sure you set the combination at home and memorise it

Ok, that’s all from us. Thanks so much for all of your lovely introductions. For those who haven’t posted a Yak yet, please do. Every day on program we will post at least 1 Yak. So parents back home, you will hear from us daily via this board (even if it’s a quick one liner to let you know we are safe).

Please see these two recent Yaks from our summer Thailand student group:


We are forever grateful here at Dragons beautiful writing/drawings/comics/raps (you name it!) that we get to enjoy here created by our students.

With gratitude.


PS, we hope you’re all ready for ice cold fresh coconuts! 🙂